John Eudy

John Eudy might not look like your typical "strongman mafioso" with his perpetual "dear-in-the headlights, confused-about-life" look. But from his backroom, dark money dealings as part of the California Apartment Association's (CAA) never-ending push to stop any renter protections, John and the CAA are the epitome of greed and heartlessness that we all associate with the Mafia.

As a CAA board member, John is one of the master puppeteers who are pulling strings by spending millions to stop Proposition 21. Instead of working to keep families in their homes, John and the CAA prefer to maintain the status quo of mass displacement and chronic homelessness in California.

Prop 21 is a November ballot measure that seeks to limit unfair, sky-high rent increases — and bring justice and fairness to California.

Here is a full rundown of John's "rap sheet" at the CAA, an organization which one can liken to a criminal enterprise that harms California families, seniors and veterans:

  • For years, he was an executive vice president at Essex Property Trust, where he played a significant role in building up the company.
  • Based in San Mateo, Essex Property Trust is the tenth-largest apartment owner in the U.S., with more than 60,000 units and a worth of $25 billion.
  • The corporate landlord has been ruthless in its pursuit of massive profits, made off the backs of hard-working Californians.
  • In San Mateo, Essex Property Trust bought a 697-unit apartment building that was home to many seniors.
  • The company proceeded to raise rents "aggressively," the East Bay Times reported, "prompting an exodus that included fixed-income senior citizens who lived there for decades."
  • The San Francisco Examiner noted that the corporate landlord, in many cases, jacked-up rents by as much as $400 per month — an overwhelming annual hike of $4,800.
  • In Fremont, tenants sued Essex Property Trust at another apartment building, charging that the corporate landlord improperly increased rents and allowed terrible living conditions to boost profits. Essex Property Trust agreed to a settlement in 2016.
  • Under John's time as a CAA board member, the organization has been a zealous opponent of local and state renter protections.
  • John and the CAA have argued against a temporary rent freeze in Santa Ana during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Even during the global pandemic, John and the CAA just won't quit.
  • They pressured El Cerrito City Council to repeal renter protections.
  • John and the CAA have been relentless in protecting corporate landlords' ability to charge unfair, sky-high rents.
  • And today, John and the CAA are now leading the charge to stop Proposition 21.
  • The CAA sponsors an anti-Prop 21 campaign committee called Californians for Responsible Housing. So far, it has raised $16.6 million.
  • Essex Property Trust is the most significant contributor, shelling out $2.8 million.
  • John doesn't want California voters to know who is or what he's up to. But when voters see TV ads this fall that try to smear Prop 21, they should think of him.
  • John's only job has been to pump up profits at any cost. He doesn't care about solving the housing affordability crisis or the need to keep people in their homes during a pandemic.
  • John only wants
    Essex Property Trust to make more billions
    , no matter the human cost.
  • Read John's full corporate greed rap sheet here.
  • Join the fight to stop vultures like John from bleeding Californians dry. Join the fight for fair rents today!