About us

Championing Housing as a Fundamental Right

At Housing is a Human Right (HHR), an initiative powered by AIDS Healthcare Foundation, we believe in a world where everyone has access to safe and affordable housing. Housing is not just a commodity; it's a cornerstone of health, stability, and human dignity. In response to the escalating affordable housing crisis, HHR dedicates itself to advocating for equitable housing legislation and policies.

Our mission is to fight tirelessly for a future where housing affordability isn't a privilege but a right accessible to all, irrespective of their background or economic status. We understand the intricate connection between housing and overall well-being and strive to create a society where this understanding is reflected in every housing policy and practice.

Michael Weinstein with Housing is human right team during hotel opening

Making a Difference in the Housing Crisis

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Legislative Wins: We've successfully campaigned for and influenced housing policies that prioritize affordability and access, benefiting thousands of families.

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Community Impact: We've helped numerous individuals and communities understand their housing rights and navigate the often complex housing system.


Collaborative Efforts: HHR collaborates with various organizations and grassroots movements to amplify our impact and bring diverse voices to the housing discussion.

Join Us in the Fight for Affordable Housing

The fight for affordable and equitable housing needs your voice and action. Here's how you can join us:

  • Advocate: Raise awareness about the housing crisis. Engage with your local representatives, participate in campaigns, and spread the word.
  • Attend Events: Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on our latest events and campaigns. Your participation can help drive change.
  • Take Action: Visit our advocacy page and take action in a few easy clicks. Send a message to your representatives or sign a digital petition to make your voice heard.

Together, we can ensure that housing as a human right is not just an ideal but a reality for all.