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VIDEO: Housing Is A Human Right Holds Community Hearing on Homelessness, Housing, and Hunger

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On June 25, Housing Is A Human Right held the Community Hearing on Homelessness, Housing, and Hunger at the Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. The event gave activists, unhoused individuals, and community leaders a much-needed platform to talk directly to state and local elected officials. In the L.A. area, devastating housing affordability and homelessness crises persist, impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of middle- and working-class residents and poor people.

The hearing sought to spark a new urgency among elected officials by hearing firsthand testimony from residents and activists. Officials were encouraged to think outside the box for ideas and solutions, to work more closely with grassroots groups, to rein in the predatory tactics of the real estate industry, and to quickly build more affordable and homeless housing.

Watch these videos of the hearing to learn more about a humanitarian crisis that needs community-based solutions and swift interventions. You can watch more videos at the Housing Is A Human Right YouTube channel.

Hunger Panel — moderated by Tammi Mac, KJLH-FM radio host


Housing Panel — moderated by Beverly White, reporter, KNBC-TV4


Homelessness Panel — moderated by Josh Haskell, reporter, KABC-TV7


Housing Is A Human Right urges elected officials to urgently carry out a multi-pronged approach known as the “3 Ps” to address the housing affordability and homelessness crises.

We must “protect” tenants by preventing gentrification and homelessness by keep rent prices under control and discouraging evictions.

We must “preserve” communities by supporting sustainable land-use policies that allow working- and middle-class residents to stay in their neighborhoods.

We must “produce” truly affordable housing through cost-effective new construction and adaptive reuse of existing buildings.

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