Housing Is A Human Right advocacy 2020

Housing Is A Human Right’s Advocacy Highlights of 2020

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In 2020, Housing Is A Human Right fought tenaciously on the behalf of Californians, carrying out our mission of the “3 Ps”: protect tenants, preserve communities, and produce housing. In 2021, we’ll continue to fight for what’s right. Here are our advocacy highlights of the past year.

  • Preserved community and affordable housing: In order to preserve history and a sense of community, Housing Is A Human Right won historic landmark status for the King Edward Hotel in Downtown L.A., which houses low-income individuals. The designation not only preserves community, but also protects the building from demolition and therefore preserves affordable housing.
  • Produced housing: Healthy Housing Foundation, HHR’s sister organization, continued to provide housing to hundreds of low-income and unhoused individuals in the Los Angeles area. HHF uses a cutting-edge model of refurbishing old motels and hotels to quickly and efficiently produce housing for the vulnerable. 

During Housing Is A Human Right’s advocacy efforts, we often asked the public for help by contacting state and local legislators and spreading the word on social media. Thank you for answering our calls to action. It made a difference!

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