Housing Is A Human Right Renters Landlords Survival Fund

Housing Is A Human Right Unveils ‘Renters & Landlords Survival Fund’

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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, renters have lost work, can’t pay the rent, and face an eviction tsunami. Small landlords are also struggling to stay afloat. Californians need immediate solutions for this unfolding crisis. Housing is a Human Right is now pushing forward with the Renters & Landlords Survival Fund.

Housing Is A Human Right, the housing advocacy division of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, is proposing new legislation that will use California’s budget surplus to provide $5 billion in financial relief for renters and small landlords. We’re also fighting to extend the statewide moratorium on evictions.

If there was ever a rainy day to use a budget surplus to help Californians, now is that time. The Los Angeles Times, in fact, agrees with us, calling for Gov. Gavin Newsom and the state legislature to use the budget surplus to provide rent relief.

new study by UCLA shows the seriousness of this crisis, revealing that evictions are tied to more COVID-19 cases and deaths.

“Forty-three states and the District of Columbia instituted temporary eviction bans in response to the widespread joblessness caused by the pandemic in the spring,” Vice reported on November 30 about the study’s findings. “But once some of those moratoriums lapsed and landlords were allowed to boot tenants, there were an estimated 433,700 excess cases and 10,700 deaths from COVID-19 nationwide.” 

Things are so dire that people don’t even have enough money for food — and now have to shoplift to feed themselves and their loved ones.

Extending the statewide moratorium on evictions will save lives — and keep families and hard-working Californians in their homes in the new year.

But once the moratorium finally expires, renters will still need help. Housing Is A Human Right believes that Gov. Gavin Newsom and state legislators should send residents relief checks to help cover months of back rent. Small landlords, of course, will benefit, too.

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, we urge you to join our rent relief campaign. Contact your legislators today and ask them to take action on assisting renters and small landlords. Click on this link to easily contact your state legislator.

Let’s help California renters and small landlords!

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