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Housing Is A Human Right Applauds President Joe Biden’s New Homelessness Plan

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Housing Is A Human Right applauds President Joe Biden on his ALL INside initiative, a new homelessness plan, to provide the state of California, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and the Phoenix metropolitan area with on-the-ground support to break down barriers for the unhoused to obtain housing and related services. It also provides much-needed help to those state and local governments to access federal funding and technical assistance.

Housing Is A Human Right just completed successful lobbying days in Washington D.C. to address homelessness and housing issues in California, Los Angeles, and Chicago. We continue to push for real solutions for homelessness, including adaptive reuse, building for less cost by utilizing pre-fabricated modular housing, and restoring promised public housing stock in Chicago. We encourage state and local governments to utilize this new federal assistance program to adopt and fund these programs.

Housing Is A Human Right, the housing advocacy division of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, advocates for the “3 Ps”: protect tenants through rent control and other protections; preserve existing affordable housing; and produce more low-income and homeless housing.

Healthy Housing Foundation, HHR’s sister organization, has built more than 1,400 units of low-income and homeless housing in the Los Angeles area by buying old hotels and motels, quickly renovating them, and turning them into housing for low-income and homeless residents. We urge elected leaders to replicate Healthy Housing Foundation’s successful adaptive-reuse model.

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