Renter Power Statewide Assembly a Success

In News by Housing Is A Human Right

In one of the most powerful displays of renter power in recent memory, over 400 tenants, organizers, and activists came together in Alameda for the 2017 California Renter Power Statewide Assembly. The assembly was organized by the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), Homes for All, the Right to the City Alliance, and Tenants Together. Housing Is A Human Right was proud to support the event, sending Southern California activists to this critical convening.

We were enthused to see the passionate focus of renters on base building, adopting citywide rent control ordinances, and repealing the troubling Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which places statewide restrictions on rent control.

We were disappointed that in the forum with the sponsors of AB 1506, the bill to repeal Costa-Hawkins, that Assemblymembers Richard Bloom, David Chiu and Rob Bonta stated that not only would the bill not pass the Assembly, but there aren’t even enough votes to get the bill out of the Housing Committee.

Housing Is A Human Right finds that unacceptable, and will be working with our allies in the housing justice movement to put pressure on state legislators to pass AB 1506, when they return in January 2018.

Let your voice be heard by contacting your state representative now.

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