Rent Control Supported by Wide Margin Berkeley Poll Reveals

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In a poll conducted by the University of California-Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies, 60% of respondents stated support for local rent control to keep low- and middle-income renters in their homes.

The results are a testament to California’s unfortunate distinction as America’s least affordable housing market. Residents clearly believe the cost of housing is too high and that some regulation is needed to address skyrocketing rents.

Here are some highlights from the Berkeley poll:

  • Rent control is supported by a large 34-point margin (60% support vs. 26% oppose)
  • Support for rent control is expressed by both renters (65%) and homeowners (55%)
  • Support for rent control is highest in Los Angeles County (68%) and the San Francisco Bay Area (63%)
  • 76% of Democrats support rent control
  • 48% consider housing affordability to be “extremely serious,” and another 36% consider it to be “somewhat serious”
  • 56% state that the cost of housing has forced them to consider moving.

Download the poll results (pdf)

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